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The sequel to A Dangerous Element is in the mill.  Look for it in 2015.

Check out the "Book Trailer" for A Dangerous Element:


Printed and Kindle copies are now available  from Amazon .    Anyone wishing access to a digital copy in exchange for an honest review can contact me direct via email:  gregorylambpdxauthor at

For those paying attention to the international news regarding Iran's nuclear enrichment program, click "here" to read one of the latest articles on the subject.  In my soon to be to be published "Techno-thriller" titled - "A Dangerous Element," readers will find out a different story related to the international debate. 

Here's the blurb:  

An American covert operation to destroy the nuclear enrichment program at Natanz, Iran goes bad when the STUXNET computer virus is discovered in the facility's closed control network.

Former combat pilot, Colonel Mark "Coolhand" Reynolds holds the key to unraveling the cast of shady characters involved in the execution of the operation and the subsequent cover up.  If that isn't enough, he becomes a target of another top-secret weapon developed by DARPA.  When Iran threatens retribution, and with time running out, Coolhand finds himself in an impossible situation and is forced to go off grid to prevent triggering a thermonuclear exchange in the Middle East.


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Still wondering what STUXNET is?  Further reading for enquiring minds. 


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The People In Between:  A Cyprus Odyssey


I'm still excited about how my first novel is progressing as I'm putting it through an extensive editing process with my team of volunteer editors.  They've managed to convince me to hold off on releasing it until it gets a little more polish.

I'm slowly shedding my doubts about whether readers are going to enjoy this story and its characters.  I'm hoping to have it ready for release sometime this summer.