Gregory S. Lamb PDX Author

Independent Fiction Author

Author Bio

Gregory S. Lamb Recently retired from his first profession, now he is a writer with credibility. Basking in the anonymity of his age. Greg is a collector of stories. Many of them are garnered from the people he meets while adventuring near and far. 

Greg's fictional characters are true to life and shape the plots for the novel ideas that burn in his mind. He is an author who writes for pleasure and adventure.

The Lamb's home is Portland, Oregon. Greg and his wife Cindy enjoy spending time with their bulldog, who is being raised by a geriatric Siamese feline. When he isn't writing, Greg can be found on the sands of northern Oregon's beaches, where he picks bluegrass tunes on his banjo while  his dog chases seagulls.

The Lambs have three grown sons. 

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